LeandroPeres.pt is a collective of creative artists focused on putting their talents together to create beautiful visuals. We are specialized in art direction, post production images and CGI animation for advertising agencies and photographers. 
We are based at a creative hub in Lisbon, called TODOS where we have a photography studio available to take on any creative project that comes on our way.
Whether it is retouch, 3D/CGI, concept art, story board, illustration, photography or animation, our team is composed of highly skilled freelancers artists aimed to achieve the best possible outcome for your idea.​​​​​​​
Would like to talk about a current or future project? or even talk about football? then say hello!
Email: info@leandroperes.pt | leandroperes@yahoo.com.br
Mobilephone: +353 089 940 7773 | +351 938 311 290